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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful Xmas! We spent the weekend in Maine (without internet access), came home for 2 quick days of work, laundry, unpacking and repacking and now are off to New Hampshire for the New Year weekend (again, no internet access). Thought I'd leave you with a few quick photos of gifts received...

Della Q circular needle case!

100 yds of hand dyed, hand spun wensleydale!

Schaeffer's Anne sock yarn!

And gifts given...
Thuja socks for Dad, Lisa Souza worsted weight merino in olive tones!
Celia scarf for Mom, pattern and yarn from Morehouse Merino

Thank you to those who gifted me, and I'm glad Mom and Dad loved their gifts...and Dad's socks fit perfectly!

The biggest and bestest I save for last. My fabulous hubby gifted me with the Rockin' Socks Club membership! Wowza! I'm so excited I can hardly wait until that first package arrives.

Off to NH with a requisite stop at Webs!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Elfmas

The holiday spirit is slowly creeping in here at Chez SNK. Flyboy says Happy Elfmas!

Knitting-related post after Flyboy goes to Christmas story hour at the library....


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Too Much

This display of Christmas cheer cracks me up. The house is set really far back from the road, so they built a platform about 6-8 feet high right on the corner of the road and their driveway. That 'stuff' under the lights hanging off the bottom? TALL grasses like you find around wetlands. Ahem. From left to right: Pooh, Tigger and Eyore, the Grinch, Snoopy on his doghouse, a penguin under the arch which reads "Santa's Workshop" and "Santa's the Coolest", the Grinch with loaded down sleigh and Max the Reindeer/Dog, Santa Shrek, and on the right side facing their driveway? That would be Spongebob, also dressed as Santa.

Unfortunately, my favorite display is about 10 miles from our house and I didn't have a camera when I saw it. Someone has the usual assortment of waving blow up figures in their front yard--Santa, Rudolph, Frosty etc Sitting in a real, vintage '60's VW bug convertible. Red, of course.

ETA: yes, those are the extra large blow up figures!!


Monday, December 11, 2006


I'm having difficulty navigating the waters of this particular holiday season. I'm not really sure why. Perhaps the prolonged warm spells and lack of white precipitate. Maybe the fact that we haven't solidified our plans for Christmas yet. Or the fact that our teeny-tiny cottage cannot accommodate a Christmas tree and people simultaneously. Sigh. I'm struggling along with some Christmas knitting, as well as a bit of sewing, but I feel like I'm just going through the motions. It can't possibly be December 11th, can it? How this has happened, I'm not exactly sure. Last year I started my well thought out Christmas Knitting Plan of Action in August. August. This year, well, keep your fingers crossed for me. As all my current projects are stealth, no photos...which makes for a boring post indeed. But photos will be forthcoming once they don't give anything away!