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Thursday, July 19, 2007

2, 4, 7, 24, 297

These numbers represent my current obsessions:
2: the second Solstice Slip sock
4: the fourth MS3 clue to be released in the morning
7: need I say more?
24: season 1 on DVD from the library. They even give you THREE WEEKS to get through it. It won't take that long, though! Just starting '12:00pm to 1:00pm'
297: My spot on the waiting list for Ravelry as of 11:30pm.

Yes, I do realize that 3 of these currently can only involve obsessive thought, but that is where 24 comes in. Oh, yeah, and working on Cece. Yeah. Sleeve island, knitting on a deadline. Why do you think I'm obsessed with the socks? I have a feeling it will be a crazy weekend! (Too lazy for links) I did finish the Regia Bamboo socks, and even wore them the other day. Camera is MIA but hope to find it and update this weekend.

Speaking of crazy-making things, the reason I sorta dropped off the face this time is that we are house hunting. We put an offer in on a little place we loved. The owner decided to take the house off the market. Sigh. It's a teensy bit more complex than that, but you get the jist. I'm not a big fan of this whole process. All I want is a little house to call our own. Is there a saint you can bury upside down to bring you luck in buying a house?


Sunday, July 01, 2007

where did June go?

I'm not sure exactly what happened to June, but apparently it's gone. Friday Mystery Stole 3 launched and I went up to Creative Fibers in Windsor, CT to join in on a casting on party. Great idea in theory, but socializing and starting an unfamiliar lace pattern calls for occasional Forensic Knitting!I had a lovely time, met new people whose names escape me and got to see Bev, which is always a good time! I managed to get through row 41 there, then completed the first chart before going to bed, when it looked like this:

There are some scattered beads worked into the pattern, and I'm happy with the subtleness of the beads I chose. However, when I realized that the point of the stole is anchored by a bead, I used a larger frosted quartz bead and like the look very much. I am assuming the stole will be a big ol' rectangle that happens to have triangular ends, so I do have a similar bead reserved for the other end of the stole. Today I completed row 86 with only 14 more rows to go until Friday when clue #2 will be available. Too lazy to take another picture right now.

And a quick Summer of Socks update:

STR June sock club, heel turn completed on sock #1

Regia Bamboo anklets, about 2 inches to go before I start the heels.

the Solstice Slip pattern is really simple and I find myself grabbing it when I'm out and about over the plain stockinette anklets, so slow progress on them. But they will all get done at some point.

It doesn't seem like a lot, but I've been preoccupied of late with a packed work schedule and something else big that I'm not quite ready to talk about out in the big, wide open world. Hopefully an update soon, though! Later this week I hope to have a yarn p*rn update, too!

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