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Monday, November 27, 2006

Not Very Hoofy Doofy

Returning from Thanksgiving in New Hamshire on Saturday afternoon, the plan was to make a quick stop at Webs. As we pulled into the parking lot, the lights shone brightly through the windows, at least a dozen people visible inside. The dashboard clock read 5:33pm. I jumped out of the car, raced up to the door...which had posted hours: Saturday until 5:30pm. sigh. I am not one of those people who will bolt in just after closing, even if I know exactly what I want and where it is. Three minutes before closing? No problem. In the words of Flyboy, "not very hoofy doofy" (hoofy doofy = Flyboy speak for great/something you like)

Now for the fiber portion of our program. Yes, my friends, 'tis true. I am the last person on the planet to knit Clapotis.

I've dropped 9 stitches so far, it is about 40 inches long and I've used about 1-1/4 skeins of 3 purchased, so I'm sure I'll have some leftover. I haven't decided how long to make it. It will ultimately find its home....somewhere else.
The yarn is Malabrigo and I am loving it. It feels so yummy between my fingers. As an added bonus, I'm getting used to the vinegary smell. That will wash out, right? Please, someone tell me the smell, THE SMELL will wash out!!!

In other fiber news, this arrived today:
560 yds of superwash Merino worsted weight goodness in the olive tones colorway, Lisa Souza style. Can I just say that this yarn feels so soft that I wish I were making socks for me. Alas, this yarn is destined to be socks for....someone else. But I do believe that there is enough that I will be able to make a pair for myself. After Christmas.

Current Christmas knitting count: 2 projects finished, 2 half finished, 4 in "of course I can pull it off even though I haven't cast on yet" denial land. We'll see how Hoofy Doofy it all turns out.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Exercise Your Rights...

Flyboy says:GO VOTE!!!
I will...when I turn 18!

Monday, November 06, 2006


In a nod to Deb, here is my November calendar. It is the Japanese character for Integrity painted on handpainted silk.

Have a great birthday month!

**A plea to my Secret Pal...can I have an email address for you? I just feel a bit insecure about the whole thing having only received anonymous comments on my blog. thanks!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Socktoberfest is O-vah

How did I do? Well....not so great. I almost finished my purple falling leaves socks, mostly airplane knitting. I repeat, Airplane. Knitting. I decided Airplane Etiquette dictated that I refrain from actually trying on socks while on said airplane. The result? Too. Tight. Too. Small. I spent the better part of October cruising that river known as Denial. They'll block out just fine. Maybe. Not. Sigh. River cruise over, I am left with this:

Nearly finished socks without needles in them. I will frog, let the yarn rest for a while, get past my frustration and quit calling myself names, knit some other socks and then revisit.

Speaking of other socks, I did manage to get this much done on a second pair of Koigu Crusoe socks. I love how quickly this slipped stitch pattern moves along.Hey, these socks match the sofa!

To cheer me up from the bitter disappointment of not finishing these 2 pairs of socks, my husband gave me this photo:
Greg Grunberg modeling a scarf I donated to a charity auction

Maybe next year I'll finish a pair!

Halloween photos

OK, so they're a wee bit late. But here they are. Flyboy wanted to be a witch, so I made him a witchy robe. He has worn it to sleep in every night since!

Flyboy models his witchy robe over jammies

T is the pumpkin carver extraordinaire. This is a close-up of his pumpkin this year. He rarely punches through the whole pumpkin, but tends to just carve away the outer layer leaving the paler flesh to give this gorgeous orange glow.