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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Music from a previous life

Call me sentimental, but nothing beats a cool summer evening's journey across San Francisco on a cable car. Sure you might have to stand in line with a few tourists, but the breeze on your face, the shine in a child's eye, and the ring-a-ding-ding of the bell as you made your way through Chinatown and over Nob Hill to the Wharf reminded me of how lucky I was to call The City home.

Or maybe, the news of the 44th Annual Cable Car Bell-Ringing contest just reminded me how much I miss those cool summer evenings while I wish for central air in Connecticut.

Meanwhile, too hot to knit! Instead--sew!! KSKS pal's project bag? Done! Bonus lined, zipped pouch for accessories? Done! Handmade sterling silver/jasper/turquoise stitch markers? Made! All I have left is to decide on a few Value Added goodies, and off it will go...where it will land? Only I know...