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Friday, August 25, 2006

Late to the Party

Um, hi. My name is Anne. I'm a Podcastaholic. I kept hearing about this podcast and that from various... enablers. Finally, I gave in. Today. I downloaded Lime & Violet. And Cast-On. All of them. Let's not talk about how many....episodesI have listened to today, OK? But what I'm really worried about is this: once I make it through all these episodes, with only one new episode each per week, then how do I get my fix? I'm not ready to look through that door just yet...gulp.

In actual knitting news, I continue to plug away at Something Red and Kiri.


Did I hear you ask what yarn I am using? Why, I'd be happy to tell you. I bought 4 of these:
Ugly Cabled Cotton Shrug, Old Navy, 3 in size XXL, one in XL (above) for $5.97 each. Gotta love the bonus yardage for bigger sizes! All have been ripped and I'm gonna have a buch of yarn left over. I'm hoping enough to do CeCe, but definitely enough for at least a couple baby sweaters. The cotton is really yummy! I am contemplating overdying, but not sure yet.

I've completed 11 or 12 repeats and continue to love the pattern. But still looking for the Purling Fairies....the wrong side is a bit tedious. Yet I persevere because I love it so!

Just a few more rows on the cardi, then off to dreamland...


Blogger Miss Lime said...

Oooo, Miss V and I are drooling over your projects! Kiri is something on Miss V's list and Something Red is on my list.

Thanks for the great post on our blog. When you're caught up on all of the back episodes of L&V and Cast On, we have plenty more to suggest for your listening pleasure...muahahaha!

Miss Lime

4:04 PM  

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