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Thursday, August 30, 2007

B is for Bridges...

B is for...

Bridges. Bridges fascinate me. It began as a child, going down to the Duluth, MN harbor with my grandparents to watch the iron ore boats come in (think the Edmond Fitzgerald, but bigger). The boats had to go under the aerial lift bridge to enter the harbor. To this day I get a little thrill watching the bridge rise as these giant barges glide silently in and out. As an adult I lived in the San Francisco bay area for eight years. For a good part of that time i commuted over the Bay Bridge while my husband, the Golden Gate. Every crossing of the Bay or Golden Gate Bridge, I found something to admire or relish, if only for a moment.

Bangkok. Bangkok is where I learned just what I am made of, and that I truly can handle whatever life throws at me. Two months in on a five month Pacific Rim trip, I woke up in the middle of the night. With a fever. 105 F to be precise. And having auditory hallucinations. I was alone, in a thatched hut, on a tiny island, a 24 hour journey by boat, bus and train to Bangkok. I found the strength to get myself to Bangkok, find a decent place to stay and off to an Emergency clinic. Fortunately, it was just a nasty upper respiratory thingy topped off with a touch of dehydration. But anytime I feel stuck, helpless or weak, I remember this journey and know I can get through.

On lighter note, B is also for Broadway. If I had the time and $$$ I would see everything that hits the Great White Way. Most recently I saw Legally Blonde during previews. Just don't ask how many times I've seen Les Miz, OK?



Blogger mehitabel said...

Bridges! I think one of my faves is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I want to climb it some day. I've also managed to get across the Golden Gate--picture a tiny VW bug, with baby Meg screaming her little lungs out as we crossed... I'm also fond of the Dexter B. Coffin Bridge because it means I'm "almost home!"

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