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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rhinebeck, here I come!

Playing Blogger Bingo? Am I a square on your card? Identify me by:
My teal ribby cardi and my scarf. If the weather becomes too warm for a sweater, I will keep the scarf visible in some manner, as it is quite distinctive. See you at Rhinebeck!


Blogger Calling Kahlo said...

Thanks for the photo. I am stopping by to say hello to everyone on my Bingo Card (there are a lot of people). Hopefully, I will see you there!

11:25 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Love that scarf!! You're on my card, so I'll look forward to seeing you (and the pretty scarf) in person. :)

7:51 AM  
Blogger linda said...

thanks for making it easier to spot you :) (you're on my card) happy travels!

8:59 AM  
Blogger Harlem Purl said...

Well I already saw you at Rhinebeck and it was nice to meet you. I am feeling much better thanks. We almost closed the place down but we wre pooped by the end of the day. I'm already counting the days til next year.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Suzanne said...

Lovely to have met you on Saturday. I hope your friend heals well.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Zarzuela said...

The sweater looked great and it was so nice to meet you (again!). Best wishes on your friend's recovery too.


8:14 PM  
Blogger keohinani said...

so where's the loot?

5:00 PM  

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