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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I have several FO's--one knit, one sewn. I will post photos as soon as I can tear T away from his new work "toy" and the garage so I can track down the camera and have him give me a quick tutorial on downloading pix...I guess I am still a Luddite of sorts...and had NO idea that the origins of the term "Luddite" was directly related to knitting until just now. How cool is Wikipedia!!!!? But I digress.

Green/Blue Gable is officially finished and made its public debut at Knit Night yesterday. Despite reading about some issues at the KAL, I did not have any problems with the pattern sizing, and only made a few changes--waist increases and 5 rows of ribbing at the sleeves and bottom edges.

And for the first time in....more years than I care to recount, a SEWN object! Still in the planning phase of my KSKS pal's kit, I made a tiny bag prototype, based on this pattern. Undecided on what my pal's bag actually will be at this point.

Oh! Did I mention that I was here? Click on the picture, notice the dark red, sleeveless shirt that is sitting down, sorta toward the upper lefthand corner? That would be me. Learning how to spin. Promise--when photos get loaded, there will a pic of the POS that I "spun".

(Shhhh! Can you keep a secret? I special ordered yarn for my KSKS pal from Someone and it is beautiful!)

Photos (hopefully) tomorrow...?


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