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Saturday, June 17, 2006

On the hunt

Today, my husband, T, our 3 yr old son, GW and I spent the day in the Essex/Deep River area of CT with my FIL. They indulged me in a quick trip into Yarns Down Under. Not having my match for KSKS yet, I spent a few minutes doing recon. Wow! They have small but perfectly adequate stock in Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Cherry Tree Hill, Schaefer Yarn's Anne, and a huge pile of KOIGU!! I resisted temptation, helped in part by the $$$ work done on my car yesterday. Fortunately, my FIL keeps a boat in Essex, so I'll have plenty of opportunity to return.

In knitting news, I finished It's a Wrap, Take 1 in a blue 100% linen yarn I bought at MS&W in a 50% off bin. Knitting with it was interesting, and I love the finished product. The maching washing and drying made a huge difference in the look and feel of the wrap. Not only is it softer, but all the p3tog really evened out, as if I had blocked it! Yipee! Pics maybe tomorrow. Currently working on second sock for T out of $6 Regia. Lucky for me, Webs is on our way up to FIL's house. Gotta love in-law visits that make great yarn shopping easier!


Blogger Yarnista said...

Your blog looks great! I need an excuse to finally get to Webs one of these days.

10:50 PM  

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